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All you need to know before joining our online meetings!




Well in advance of the meeting, check whether Zoom works on your device. You can do this here: . Clicking the link to the meeting will also prompt to download the software if it is not installed. This will go very fast and is not blocked by the OECD firewall.

Online Meeting


Zoom meeting tip # 1: Face the camera with a wall behind you... or use virtual background.

Zoom meeting tip # 2: Keep camera line at your eye level and speak into the camera.

Zoom meeting tip # 3: Look into the camera if you want to make eye contact with the audience. You easily forget, but if you look at the faces on the screen, that means you are not making eye contact!

Zoom meeting tip # 4: Ensure proper lighting on your face... avoid any light from behind you...

Zoom meeting tip # 5: Bottom Left : Video -> Virtual Background

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